Call for Papers

The first conference on recent advances and future trends in automotive industry calls for papers on subjects of industrial, research or knowledge-intensive ideas.
The papers of research nature are often results of academic researches or experiments in industry. These papers must be relevant, innovative and presentable on international platforms. A thorough literature review is required to carefully highlight the distinction and innovation compared to other similar researches.
The industrial papers are mostly technical report of advancements, experiments and optimizations in different fields of automotive industry. Some exemplary fields include but not limited to optimized part designs, manufacture lines, part assembly methods, test methods and quality control. A publish approval from the owner company is required for these types of papers and submission will be nullified if not provided by the author. Literature review is needed but not as thorough as research papers but results must be validated with scientific facts and previously proven methods.
The knowledge-intensive papers are mostly innovative ideas in automotive fields. An idea in itself is not publishable in conference but it must be validated by a credible institution in its field. Authors must present their innovation in its entirety and state how it’s applicable to automotive industry.